“I should have written this earlier, but it’s taken me this long to be able to write these words without being a weepy mess for the rest of the day.

My dad and mom moved into Clear Fork shortly after the facility opened. My father had many medical issues, including being a dialysis patient. Clear Fork staff took them in, wrapped their arms around, told us they would love them like we do, and proceeded to do just that. Even though my dad dreaded his dialysis days, he so enjoyed getting to be with Jonathan (maintenance manager) on the van rides to the center. Dad called him “his buddy” and I honestly believe that Jonathan wasn’t just doing his job — he was taking care of his friend. When Dad’s health began to decline, and he didn’t want to eat, we could ask Dannette (Food Service Manager) for anything and she’d see that he got it. (Cream of Wheat for dinner … no problem!) When Dad became very ill, the team worked with us to find a hospice that would accept him while still being on dialysis. When my sister and I said “we don’t want to leave them”, every single staff member at Clear Fork said “you are our family, too, and we will help in any way that we can”. The med techs (Jenny, Selena, Jennifer, Vanessa, Lisa, Kiah, Debra, and all the others that my weary brain can’t recall names for right now) were always available for help and hugs. Dad’s last days were hard on all of us, but I cannot imagine getting through it without the love of the Clear Fork family.

Now that Mom is without her sweetheart of 71 years, she is lonely. But she said “I’m so glad we moved here before your Dad had to leave me. I feel safe here.” Karen and Ashlee make sure that she is involved in all the wonderful activities so that she doesn’t feel so alone. We know that she is as happy as she is ever going to be without her “blue-eyed sailor boy”.

Kudos to Julie, Tambra, Amanda, and Michelle (executive staff) for creating a loving home for my parents. You made P.A’s last months happy and comfortable, and are taking wonderful care of Tippy.”

Susan (and Jean — the “intense” Foster sisters 🙂 )

“My Dad has been a resident of the assisted living world for almost 3 years.  He has never enjoyed or been excited about his surroundings until December 9, 2016 when he became the first resident of Clear Fork Assisted Living.  Everyday he has another event to report that supersedes the previous days report…the food is wonderful (one of his personal measures of excellence), the staff and caregivers are so caring and so great, the facility is beautiful…the list goes on and on!  He is excited to be there and everyone lives the passion of their motto…they truly are a passionate group of people.  Thank you Clear Fork for providing a loving environment for my Dad.”

Kala A