How to Choose the Right Pet

By | 2016-11-25T11:28:07+00:00 September 25th, 2016|Senior Living|

There can be a lot of benefits to owning a pet, no matter what the age. When seniors are trying to pick out a pet, it’s important to make sure that pet is compatible to the senior’s lifestyle and energy [...]

Benefits of Early Morning Exercises

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It’s already pretty well-known that exercise is a pretty important part of staying healthy, no matter what the age. Exercising specifically in the morning, though, can provide some additional benefits. Setting that time aside first thing in the morning means [...]

Reasons to Stay Active

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We often hear that there are a lot of benefits to exercising, but a lot of times it can be difficult to find the motivation to do it or to know which exercises are the best ones. It’s important, though, [...]

Tips for Coping with Dementia

By | 2016-09-16T12:19:06+00:00 August 22nd, 2016|Memory Care|

Finding out that you have dementia can be pretty scary. Although there is no cure, there are some ways to slow down the cognitive decline and to cope with the dementia. One way to take care of yourself is to [...]

Reasons to Consider Assisted Living

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There’s a common misconception that moving into senior housing will mean losing your independence or that the residents are all incapable of doing things on their own. What people often don’t realize is that there are various types of options [...]

Outdoor Activities for Seniors

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It’s very important for everyone, including seniors, to spend time outdoors. There are many benefits to being outside for at least a small part of the day. Being outdoors can provide both fresh air and sunshine. Sunshine provides Vitamin D, [...]

Traits for a Healthy Senior

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Physical Activity One very important key to staying healthy is to avoid a sedentary lifestyle. It can be easy to sit around all day or spend very little time moving around. Having an active lifestyle is very important, though. There [...]