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Miracle Moments

T.C. Mitchell

T.C. Mitchell and his wife Dorothy Mitchell are residents of Clear Fork Assisted Living in Willow Park, TX. Recently, T.C. had the opportunity to experience a “Miracle Moment” when he returned to the stage to play his fiddle with his son Bill accompanying him on guitar. The performance by the 99-year-old took place at the Still Meadow Opry in Aledo, TX. The Hall was standing room only and T.C. received thunderous applause and a standing ovation. Dorothy had the opportunity to share how she and T.C. met: She was a high school student attending a neighborhood dance where T.C. was playing fiddle in the band. He was 21 years old at the time and caught her eye. She bet her best friend that she would get to dance with him first. She arranged for another fiddler to take T.C.’s place for a break, and she asked the emcee to call “Ladies Choice.” They have been dancing together ever since and recently celebrated their 78th wedding anniversary. 

Playing on stage again has awakened a passion in T.C. He breaks out his fiddle now and again to entertain our residents spontaneously. It’s a real treat for everyone, and if they are lucky, visitors never know when they might get to hear him play!