Engaging Activities for Alzheimer’s and Dementia Residents2017-02-13T16:07:01+00:00


Quality experiences. Quality life.

There’s a brilliant spirit in all of us. Clear Fork’s staff is specially trained to bring out the life and vigor of our Alzheimer’s and dementia residents, seeking research-based experiences that nurture your loved one’s particular interests and abilities.


Support & maintain memory & brain fitness

  • Memory Games, Word Games & Brain Teaser Exercises

  • Reminiscing & Discussion Groups

  • Cultural & Language Study

  • Lecture Series

  • Current Events Discussion Group

  • Journaling & Creative Writing

  • MAP Albums


Increase strength, flexibility & circulation

  • Low-impact Aerobics Exercise Classes

  • Flexibility & Balance Classes

  • Dancing

  • Wii Fit, Bowling, Golf

  • Walking Club

  • Gardening Club


Improve vitality & functional endurance

  • Music Programs

  • Art Classes

  • Volunteering & Community Service Opportunities

  • Culinary Arts & Cooking Classes

  • Book Clubs

  • Religious Services